Tree Felling Prices

General tree felling prices range from R850 to R8500, depending on the job type. A tree felling pro can help you if you have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed. 

It is not advisable to do the job on your own as special safety equipment and precautions are needed to safeguard you and your property. 

Below is a useful table with the average cost of tree felling services:

Job typePrice range
General tree felling/boomsloping servicesR850 to R8500 in total
Tree pruning, reduction and trimmingR150 to R250 per hour
Removal of tree stumpR900 to R4500 in total
Tree debris removalR150 to R250 per hour
Palm tree trimmingR200 to R300 per palm tree
Hedge maintenanceR150 to R250 per hour

What Determines the Cost of Tree Felling?

Whether you need your tree to be trimmed or completely removed, the price of tree felling ranges from R850 to R4500 per tree, depending on various factors.

Tree felling prices are determined by the following factors:

  • Size of tree
  • Labour involved
  • Complexity and size of job
  • Tree type
  • Your location
  • Waste removal

Size of tree

The larger and higher the tree, the more labour and safety equipment involved. Larger trees will push up the cost, while small trees are quick and easy to remove. 

Labour Involved

Tree maintenance is cheaper than tree removal as there is less labour involved. The longer your tree feller spends removing your tree, the more expensive it will be. 

Complexity and size of the job

The complexity of the tree felling project directly impacts the price. If you need multiple trees to be cut down or maintained, it will be more expensive than one tree. 

If your tree is near a power line or in a difficult to reach place, the tree felling pro will need to put additional measures in place for the job. 

Tree type

Some trees have strong and deep roots, making them more difficult to remove. This will make the price higher as more labour will be needed. 

Healthy trees are easier to remove than diseased trees, which need more safety measures and equipment to remove. 

Your location

It is better to choose a tree felling pro in your local area as they will be less likely to charge you a transport fee. 

Fuel is expensive and you might be charged a rate per kilometre. We have agents across SA including

Waste removal

If you want your tree feller to remove the waste for the tree removal or trimming, the cost will be higher as additional labour will be needed. 

Types of Tree Services

The most common tree felling services are:

  • Stump removal
  • Palm tree maintenance
  • Tree and hedge maintenance services
  • Tree felling services

Stump Removal

Regular tree cutting involves removing all parts of the tree above the ground. If you want the entire tree to be removed, you will need to have the stump removed

Below is a table explaining stump removal services:

Type of tree serviceDescriptionPrice range (per inch of tree diameter)
Stump removalRemoval of tree from roots and filling hole with soilR900 to R4500

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees can be beautiful but they do require regular maintenance by a tree pro. Palm tree leaves are heavy and sharp and can cause injury when falling. 

The following is a useful table explaining palm tree maintenance:

Type of tree serviceDescriptionPrice range 
Palm tree maintenanceLeaf and bark trimmingR200 to R300 per tree

Tree and Hedge Maintenance

Trees and hedges can easily become overgrown and messy if not maintained regularly.

Here is some more information about tree and hedge maintenance

Type of tree serviceDescriptionPrice range 
Tree and hedge maintenanceSeasonal pruning, branch trimming to keep tree/hedge looking neat and healthyR150 to R250 per hour

Tree Felling Services

Tree felling involves removing the tree or bush and leaving the roots intact. 

The following is some more information about tree felling:

Type of tree serviceDescriptionPrice range 
Tree fellingTree and bush removal above the groundR850 to R8500 in total