Tree pruning and trimming services

Why do we need to prune trees?

Tree Pruning clears the way for more growth and is a very important service consisting of many different elements. Pruning your tree will help the tree stay healthy, it involves distributing the weight of the tree, cutting back, clipping, and trimming. Most importantly pruning the tree helps new growth.

Not only does pruning encourage new growth, but pruning away overweight branches prevents the tree from being imbalanced. The reason for distributing the weight evenly throughout the structure of the tree reduces the risk of branches breaking off and causing damage to property.

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The process of tree trimming and pruning 

If you are not sure whether your tree needs pruning or not contact us, our team of professionals will visit the site and assess your tree. To keep large trees shaped, and structurally sound you need to have them pruned every couple of years. Hedges would need to be pruned twice a year to keep them looking good. 

  • Depending on the species, condition, location and size, the process of pruning a tree or hedge can vary. If the trees and hedges are small our professional team is able to work quickly and efficiently. Tools like ladders, hedge trimmers, hand saws and secateurs are used.
  • If the trees are big the pruning becomes a bit more complex as more safety and care is needed. Our team is fully capable of pruning any tree, no matter the size.
  • Our professional team will analyze the site and plan their job. The lead climber will climb up the tree without climbing spikes as this damages the tree, a safety line will be used by the climber, once this procedure is completed a climbing saw and a hand saw will be used to prune the excess sticks and leaves as well as the pruning of heavy branches and shaping of the canopy. 
  • Once the larger branches are pruned they will be attached to the rope and lowered down to the ground crew, which in turn will remove the green waste from site. The larger pieces of waste will be broken down by the wood chipper, and removed from the property.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of pruning?

All depends on the size of the job to be done and the nature of pruning needed. Smaller trees will cost less than a large canopy tree, due to the equipment used and safety precautions needed, pruning a tree could cost anything from R850 upwards.

What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?

Pruning is used to remove unnecessary branches, trimming promotes growth. Tree pruning involves a lot more such as shaping, weight distribution, pruning and lopping.

What are the benefits of having your trees pruned?

Pruning your trees promotes the health and growth of the tree by removing damaged, dead or diseased branches. By trimming off the dead branches the airflow and sun exposure increases, allowing the tree to absorb more nutrients. 

How frequently should my tree be pruned?

Our team will be able to assess your tree and provide you with the correct information on how often you should be pruning your tree. It is advisable to have it done as often as possible to keep your tree healthy, safe and looking good. If trees are not pruned regularly they could be a safety risk, declining health, leave litter and weight imbalances.

How long can you expect pruning to take?

The time it takes to prune all depends on the size, condition and species. A small tree will need just a few clips to remove any unwanted dead sections, a hedge will take longer as it needs to look neat and uniform and a canopy tree can take a few hours and more.

How we are different

There are many tree specialists that will charge less, and do less. Our team of professionals are specialised at what they do and are trained to provide quality pruning services that will benefit your trees. We arrive promptly, in uniform ready to do the job, we clean up after the job, provide full insurance coverage for your property and we can assure you that our specialists will provide you with the highest quality service.